Digital Transformation Training

The recent shift towards a digital, online environment has been rapid and caught many organisations, particularly training providers, by surprise. This has necessitated an urgent re-think of current business practices and income stream generation and how to respond to this urgent demand.

Many face-to-face training practitioners are unfamiliar with the online educational landscape, which requires a range different teaching, learning and technology skills in order to engage with the audience. The need to up-skill and transform to meet the new demand for this service is paramount, in order to maintain competitiveness.

Whilst the technology to support online delivery of a range of services has been available for some time, the ability to quickly remodel business workflows and existing face-to-face training courses and provide online offerings to those wishing to learn and up-skill in the uncertain times, is not well matured. This where we can assist.

Having award-winning, online business process workflows and web-based training delivery methodologies in a range of technology-focused  deployments such as: remote working practices, course conversion, preparation, deployment management, we are now accepting expressions of interest for the following:

  • Conversions of face-to-face courses to online delivery
  • Specialising in Higher Education and Workplace Training
  • Online webinar preparation and delivery skills training
  • Marketing sessions to engage with clients and maintain brand image
  • Preparing and hosting dynamic meetings
  • Custom working-from-home session – productivity focus
  • Planing and managing time and scheduling work activities
  • Personal development in a digital world

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