Project Management Advantage

One of the main drivers of contemporary organisations is its ability to effectively harness resources to maintain operating efficiencies and thereby develop and maintain a competitive advantage” (Ross Yates, 2019)

The first step in the process is to put in place an effective, standardised framework by which organisational stakeholders perform and deliver on organisational strategies and objectives. One of the most effective vehicles to achieve this is through Project Management. By harnessing global, best practice in achieving desired outcomes, using tools such as: time management, scheduling, stakeholder management, quality management, risk management under the banner of effective leadership, the stage is set for greater productivity, greater certainty of outcomes and a more harmonious and efficient organisational culture.

The journey to enhancing individual and organisational performance starts with an understanding of the principles of project management, assembling key tools which build capability – irrespective of the industry, discipline or role. Project Management has a role to play in shining a light on the pathway to the efficient delivery of outcomes, within the agreed timelines, to budget and quality, and by effectively navigating uncertainties like risks that may otherwise hinder delivery progress.

If your organisation has a project management framework in place, but may not be used as efficiently and effectively as expected, this may be the time for a review of the practices and to refresh procedures and processes taking on board the latest, industry-standard, Project Management tools. An effective way to achieve this outcome is through active involvement of key staff within the organisation and collaborating, through structured facilitation, to construct a customised framework that is fit-for-purpose for your organisation.

This is where we can assist…

Driven by ongoing, contemporary, industry-based research initiatives, our team of expert practitioners, using the latest knowledge and global information, are available to offer a range of services including: Project Management, Business Analysis, Information Systems, Leadership and Management and a broad range of educational activities across the Higher Education and Vocational Education & Training landscapes.

Contact the team now to discuss your requirements and to take the next steps to achieve your objectives and goals.

Ross Yates CPPD, MAIPM

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